Black-Back Cottage (Train Trial)

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1, 000
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Solaic S03
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This CallCard was encoded for use on Iarnrod Eireann trains. Initially Telecom Eireann tested Monetal Mobile Telephone Systems, which used the Eircell mobile network at the time.
Interestingly the back of this CallCard had all the details printed in black, rather than the blue/navy colour scheme which appeared on all the other early cards, hence earning the title Black Back Cottage CallCard. After the trial, 650 cards out of the 1, 000 were sold through the Telecom Eireann collectors club. 

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Jonathan Coburn Avatar
Jonathan Coburn
Posted - 1 month ago

Hi Nick, Interesting read re: blk bk cottage Can you tell us how much the club sold this card for? Thanks, Jonny C

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Nick Rankin Avatar
Nick Rankin (Administrator)
Posted - 1 month ago

Cheers for the comment Jon! I'm honestly not sure, maybe around £5? It would have sold out quick so I doubt many people would have this information to hand! Certainly nothing in any of the Collectors Club mailings I have here! Nick

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