Collecting Callcards

Mint vs used Callcards

When we refer to a Callcard as being mint, we assume the Callcard has never been used and the units on the card remain unused. Many collectors favour mint Callcards, still in their wrapper, while others do not mind if a card is mint or used[...]


Where to buy, sell or swap Callcards?

These days, Callcard collecting still remains quite a niche hobby. While in the past there would have been a plethora of Phonecard dealers, nowadays the number has decreased substantially.

Irish Callcards have always been a favourite amongst phonecard collectors, presumably as so few of each Callcard was produced and the amount of Callcards issued far less than larger countries[...]


How should Callcards be stored?

For storing your Callcards, it is very important to choose holders or containers that are Acid and PVC free. Both these can cause irreparable damage to your collection so make sure the folders/containers you are using are suitable. If you are looking into purchasing folders/sleeves for your Callcards I would recommend using the UltraPro trading cards pockets and sleeves for your cards[...]