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The "Simply Talk" Callcards were Eircom's final definitive range of cards that were issued. This range saw the transition from Unit values over to currency/cash values.

The Simply Talk range for the most part was fairly boring and underwhelming, with bland generic designs used on each Callcard in the range.

Interestingly Eircom decided to recycle some of their older Callcards, by re-printing them with the Simply Talk design.This interesting feature is quite noticeable on many of the cards.

Eircom also prominently displayed the savings that could be made on the "Simply Talk" cards, with phrases like "Plus 20% Free", "€15 + €10 FREE" on their higher value Callcards.

With the Simply Talk range, we saw the introduction of cash value rather than units for the Callcards. This was thought to be an easier way to understand the value for their customers.

At the start, due to the recent Punt to Euro changeover, most cards had dual currency values (e.g: £3/€3.81). Later on these values only showed the euro, and the price was rounded off to €4.

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Simply Talk Callcards
Simply Talk £3 | Simply Talk £5 | Simply Talk £10 | Simply Talk €4 | Simply Talk €7 + €1 Free | Simply Talk €15 + €5 Free | Simply Talk €7 +€3 Free | Simply Talk €15 + €10 Free | Last issue Callcard

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