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Card no: 
November 1999
Catalogue Code: 
Catalogue type: 
75, 000
Value Range: 
Face Value: 
Manufacturer & Chipset: 
Axalto/Gemalto (Gemplus) AX01
Additional Information: 

The Tarzan Callcard set was issued to advertise Disney's Tarzan film, that was in cinemas nationwide from October the 22nd 1999. The set consists of five Callcards, 4 general releases and one special release private card.

The private card had much fewer made (only 2, 000) with some private cards being issued to random newsagents around the country (only 200). The rest of the Tarzan Special Callcards were either sold via the Callcard collectors club or could be won via various competitions.

A Tarzan badge set was available provided any 4 Tarzan Callcards were handed in to any participating Eircom store.

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Series: Disney Callcards

Series: Tarzan Callcards

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